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Please answer the following questions in order for your series to be awarded credit in the coming year. The information collected is part of the monitoring process required by the ACCME, the accrediting body for continuing medical education to assure that your activity is meeting the learning needs of your participants. Thank you!

Here are the current objectives for your series: 

Regularly attending this series will allow participants to be able to:

  • Distinguish between ethical and legal issues involved in clinical situations affecting patients
  • Describe a process for thinking through problematic ethical situations
  • Describe ethical principles and professional standards and how they can be applied
  • ¬†Identify how conflict situations can be managed effectively
  • Access and utilize ethics consultations to address ethical issues and improve quality of patient care
Do any changes need to be made to your objectives (see above)
What are some practice gaps, conditions, topics, or quality and safety areas that you expect to cover in the coming year?
Please give specific examples:
Please give specific examples: